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2 månader sedan
Cursed Baldski
3 månader sedan
It’s Here
10 månader sedan
Poppin Music Video Trailer
11 månader sedan
Alfred Hyldekvist
Alfred Hyldekvist 23 timmar sedan
Messi shit on Jj
Andrew Ralph
Andrew Ralph 23 timmar sedan
lol jj olatunji is bigger than deji now
aespadask 23 timmar sedan
Joe Weller loss just like Jake Paul later.
Safaar Jeffrey
Safaar Jeffrey 23 timmar sedan
Nathan's hyper
Nathan's hyper 23 timmar sedan
REASON℠ 23 timmar sedan
Good song, but lets be honest here, his laugh alone got thousands of likes.
radiant selza
radiant selza 23 timmar sedan
im crying
Nerd Fiction
Nerd Fiction 23 timmar sedan
It’s a shame because JJ just wants his little brother back.
Lt. Boonie
Lt. Boonie 23 timmar sedan
y'all dumb
Toby Ellis
Toby Ellis 23 timmar sedan
it will be it's 10 year anniversary this year
Kaiser Campbell
Kaiser Campbell 23 timmar sedan
Why am I here lockdown got me bored
Lewis Matzen
Lewis Matzen 23 timmar sedan
KSI yes I'm an all nighter I don't like rest Nothing on me at my best Selena Gomez, you've got nice (next!) Twenty-four-seven I aim for the heavens Even when I was eleven Heaven was finding the seven Minutes alone in my bedroom Hear that sound Heartbeat beating Going so fast you can see that I'm beasting No sleep, no sleep, no sleep You won't see any 'cause I ate my sheep Let's get messy like Lionel Get hyper as a mosh this pit I'm on this bi- No one can stop me Out of my way let me finish this properly (yeah)
Only Void
Only Void 23 timmar sedan
Legend says that the guy in helmet is ksimon
George Tysome
George Tysome 23 timmar sedan
Football Lust
Football Lust 23 timmar sedan
Why did SElosk suggest me this 5-6 years later 😂😂😂😂
Elvis Stangroom
Elvis Stangroom 23 timmar sedan
So thats where all the toilet paper went
Juliette Prior
Juliette Prior 23 timmar sedan
Who else can feel him breath on you with headphones on 🤮
Alex Danks
Alex Danks 23 timmar sedan
this song hits different when u havent heard it in years
BonewBTW Dag sedan
6:31 he actually won!!!
Chandramouli Koushik
the sidemen and I*
Wayz Mahin
Wayz Mahin Dag sedan
This interconnected for me if it is for you your a legend
Zubair Muhammad
Zubair Muhammad Dag sedan
I’m sorry the lambo at the end looks fresh apart from the dust just fix you ksi you nonce
ALJ4Y ツ Dag sedan
8:57 BALDSKI !
LyonSpear Dag sedan
This is too underrated, at least not as much as now but still.
Outlast Pain
Outlast Pain Dag sedan
I sorta feel bad for harry getting sharted on my KSI And Ricegum
Adam Yt
Adam Yt Dag sedan
Password: Jake Paul Password: Too Weak
Ri Casiano
Ri Casiano Dag sedan
You have found my comment. Congrats, have a cookie🍪
Its jayzed24
Its jayzed24 Dag sedan
5:00 would've gone to var nowadays
ivo Dag sedan
Justin Foong
Justin Foong Dag sedan
1:56 literally my high school in malaysia how da heck did he get this footage
TTV Squad
TTV Squad Dag sedan
They probably switched the prices with Muriel and Falcao cuz they are both Colombia players and they are both strikers so they probably did a mistake with both players
GreenGherkin_ Gaming
you handled that well and yes i fight my brothers all the time
akofdc Dag sedan
Lord Voldeneek.
Speedy Dag sedan
What do you call a magic owl Hoooooudini -vanossgaming
nikos spi
nikos spi Dag sedan
who's here in 2021??
Chicken Wrap
Chicken Wrap Dag sedan
this is so fire 🔥
laila_xoxo _07
laila_xoxo _07 Dag sedan
the fact that jj can admit that some of logans "punches" were good, shows that he has honour. logan paul all thru the vdeo was just dissing jj. that is why people don't like logan. he thinks he is the best in the world when in fact who beat his face? jj. periodt
Selna Dashe
Selna Dashe Dag sedan
@KSI it's 600,000 likes
Sadaf Usman
Sadaf Usman Dag sedan
Every idiot watching jjs past songs because you are bored of the pandemic
xQsuc TTV
xQsuc TTV Dag sedan
Ksi your my idol listens your brother live you you love him it’s just family banter ps my mother had the same issus
red_ripper_sk8 Dag sedan
i went on evie bot and it said we were going on a date in 5 min hahaha
Trin Bxh
Trin Bxh Dag sedan
Your not a ksi fan if you dont know the lyrics
Lloyd Frayne
Lloyd Frayne Dag sedan
Lil pump is the type of guy to wash his hands before and after getting in the shower
MrDizzy Dag sedan
2021 anyone
Ankit Egiahbors
Ankit Egiahbors Dag sedan
0:51 not even joking my stomach starting to ake when he said touchdown
Conor Mannion
Conor Mannion Dag sedan
he sounds like a rte reporter
Brogsby Dag sedan
Whos hear in 2021 😂
Potato Jackson
Potato Jackson Dag sedan
When the reaction video has more views than the actual disstrack...
Shifty Dag sedan
almost shat my self when i saw the title
Yahya Oa
Yahya Oa Dag sedan
If KSI meets cr7 now: wagwaaaaaaan my GGGGGGG
ItzYaBoi Ace
ItzYaBoi Ace Dag sedan
I like KSI Disstracks lol But I like Logan pauls vids I know Im weird If ur here ur a god
iDOvideos Dag sedan
not last
Conor Lynch
Conor Lynch Dag sedan
I'm in 2021 let's go
Lachlan Galbraith
He should try mtb
George Mellor
George Mellor Dag sedan
I’m the comment from 2021 your looking for
The Blaze
The Blaze Dag sedan
Yeah KSI was like an asshole in that match..
hafa king
hafa king Dag sedan
S-X is not the singing type
Pentals Dag sedan
Is it me or does this song beat all his new ones
Theokaj Dag sedan
Don’t forget. he is still Lord FatNeek
Azen Kwed
Azen Kwed Dag sedan
They have very generic voices. Everyone sounds the same nowadays.
whipd FN
whipd FN Dag sedan
hes made 10m subs since then
Sethunah Dag sedan
The views speak for itself
Drelin Potomski
Drelin Potomski Dag sedan
Is it just me or the beat is exactly like South of the Friday Night Funkin Soundtrack?
Sethunah Dag sedan
Babatunde at his finest
msd_6 Dag sedan
Stretch res?
Murray Dag sedan
Getting this song as an advert was bloody hilarious
Nitro Dag sedan
A forgotten banger
Rayan Luvs2drawanime
Damn that anime girl is thiccc
ZToTheBros Dag sedan
Our fatneek was born heree
StraightMen Dag sedan
Why am I suddenly watching KSI making expensive purchases?
The Golden
The Golden Dag sedan
“Too good for real madrid” loool he has more champions leagues than arsenal dfkm
gaurav patni
gaurav patni Dag sedan
og mark your attendance
BLOOD GANG Dag sedan
JJ take the fucking bandana of we want to see what u are hiding
Emir 007
Emir 007 Dag sedan
Someone here in 2021 when we all want jj to get hyper
GamingScrub Dag sedan
im the ticklemaster
Razor_fn Dag sedan
Who here in 2021?
Hoodism and the N.Lations
I've seen this multiple times and it annoys me every single time hearing deji and their parents try blame jj for Randolphs actions.... when jj isn't responsible for that but deji is responsible for his.
Spyrator Gaming
Spyrator Gaming Dag sedan
Kukz Bootz
Kukz Bootz Dag sedan
Andrei Cristian Parlea
Coming back to this song 6 years later gives me goosebumps