KSI - Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne) [Official Lyric Video] 

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Stream “Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne)”: ksi.ffm.to/houdini.oyd
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“Down Like That (feat. Rick Ross, Lil Baby & S-X)”: K-S-I.lnk.to/DownLikeThatID

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Video Created By @bwgrx
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8 maj 2020



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sahilyttt 3 dagar sedan
sub to battle boyz
MC Exuberman
MC Exuberman 29 dagar sedan
Why does this video look like it was made in Blender (eevee)
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal Månad sedan
How am I one of the very few people who knew the lyrics before looking at it? I usually suck at this.
Kate Hartin
Kate Hartin Månad sedan
Lil Dicky & KSI - Touting Dead (feat. Smokepurpp) [Remix]
TkSharma Månad sedan
Isobel Lyall
Isobel Lyall Månad sedan
This man is very 🥵
Alan Calvillo
Alan Calvillo Månad sedan
Kate Hartin
Kate Hartin Månad sedan
KSI & Major Lazer - Twerk This Like Volsom Ft. Tion Wayne & Psychic Type (Twerk Remix)
Kate Hartin
Kate Hartin Månad sedan
MMMMMMMA & Dillon Francis & Major Lazer - Drop Twerk (feat. Tion Wayne, Dua Know, The Rejectz, Far Samurai, TWRK & Psychic Type) [Tion Wayne VIP Remix]
Kate Hartin
Kate Hartin Månad sedan
TWRK - Cat Twerk (feat. Tion Wayne & The Stock VauterDauIt) [Dumh Hugh Remix]
Diola Vani
Diola Vani Månad sedan
KA8AN 2 månader sedan
ITZJK 2 månader sedan
I remember listening to this in my fifa 20 fut champs
Tajiri DeAbreu
Tajiri DeAbreu 2 månader sedan
UK rappers r fire
Fire SA
Fire SA 3 månader sedan
Big Question is *WHO IS ON THE CAR?*
Voltage Tutorials
Voltage Tutorials 3 månader sedan
1:25 speed thank me later..
Fire SA
Fire SA 3 månader sedan
That's good
Fire SA
Fire SA 3 månader sedan
That's good
Big Behz Cr1tic
Big Behz Cr1tic 3 månader sedan
DJTM GAMING 3 månader sedan
I am your Mother
I am your Mother 3 månader sedan
Talkin Mad*
DAVID 3 månader sedan
0:37 still gets me lol
Boom Team
Boom Team 3 månader sedan
Lol bad
Arsesh Joshi
Arsesh Joshi 3 månader sedan
0:38 at first I thought that he was talking about his forehead
Raihan Islam
Raihan Islam 4 månader sedan
this shit fire
Sai Siba Prasad
Sai Siba Prasad 4 månader sedan
I was unable to understand what the fck Tion Wayne was saying.
Juan Molina
Juan Molina 4 månader sedan
It has this vibe like you would hear this in a movie. Like something like fast and furious but different
French 4 månader sedan
I beg he drops more songs with the Nigerian accent
Croude PH
Croude PH 4 månader sedan
Wakanda forevaa!!!!
renzou skies
renzou skies 4 månader sedan
Try making a Ballad song next :)
Yes And yes
Yes And yes 4 månader sedan
They faked the moon landing with cgi CGI and in 1969
Emmaann 4 månader sedan
0:22 0:26
Suby 5383
Suby 5383 4 månader sedan
KENSHIN THE BIG ONE 4 månader sedan
I want this music on fast and furious saga
Digiac OSRS
Digiac OSRS 5 månader sedan
This is your best best one yet
Emmaann 5 månader sedan
Babatunde made Ksi Look Like A Retard Rapper
Dazzling Divya
Dazzling Divya 5 månader sedan
Logan is best
SHAMRON SHOW 5 månader sedan
I keep picturing girls twerking ayy some illuminati ting 🤪
yf 5 månader sedan
1K subs before 2021 sorry if I annoyed you lol
akerStudio 5 månader sedan
22mybrozay animations
22mybrozay animations 5 månader sedan
When he changed his accent that juuk go hard
Mr. Phantom
Mr. Phantom 5 månader sedan
Boris did a madness
Terrell Seals
Terrell Seals 6 månader sedan
Nalin Mahajan
Nalin Mahajan 6 månader sedan
why does it say forth instead of fourth
jaylin parham
jaylin parham 7 månader sedan
Who tryna go to the club
Diego Loko
Diego Loko 7 månader sedan
Doit the dong with bad bunny
Terrel Paris
Terrel Paris 7 månader sedan
This song is fire 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ensakable 7 månader sedan
Yall ever notice that jj looks like ksi?
Arthur Banks
Arthur Banks 7 månader sedan
Why dose ksi sound like ideas ealba
Huywee 7 månader sedan
The 3 Babateer
Adrian Sobottka
Adrian Sobottka 7 månader sedan
R1OT 7 månader sedan
This is some rocket league background music type shit
CLYDE _999
CLYDE _999 7 månader sedan
TheApocalypseAnimator Since 2017
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Poop Shitte
Poop Shitte 7 månader sedan
What’s with the fake Nigerian accent jj we know u too well u don’t sound like this
DonnerK 7 månader sedan
@bwgrx made this, give some credit to him by followingg
Jaynekai 8 månader sedan
Fifa 21 would be sick if one of ksis songs were on and chis kamara commentating the dream
MrDioXIII 8 månader sedan
They play this song abroad on the radio, didn't realise it was KSI until the DJ said so. He's made it in mainstream music.
Yung MYRX 8 månader sedan
"Make man, just like houdini." Best verse ever
Ruby Lloyd
Ruby Lloyd 8 månader sedan
i swear down i heard this on Kiss fm the other day 😂😂
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah 8 månader sedan
Tion Wayne kind of sounds like if Vidal sung
Connorseaturtle 8 månader sedan
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn 8 månader sedan
This song screams SEXX
Barelona Fan
Barelona Fan 8 månader sedan
Phil Mcrakin
Phil Mcrakin 8 månader sedan
Put it in 1.25x speed and it’s the remix
Connor Thibodeau
Connor Thibodeau 8 månader sedan
holy auto tune
BOOST Wilkerson
BOOST Wilkerson 8 månader sedan
"My fourth letter getting bigger than the alphabet" BARS
XKxdeeX 8 månader sedan
A knee how
BlizzardZ06 8 månader sedan
When you spend all the budget so you have to hop on roblox to make a lyric video
Paradox 1417
Paradox 1417 8 månader sedan
Not many people know but the song's title was inspired by Ethan's dad
ExoMxst 8 månader sedan
Paradox 1417 u stole this from RoyKaith
Nichole M
Nichole M 8 månader sedan
Love u ksi/jj
E p i c
E p i c 8 månader sedan
If ksi can get his song in baywatch, he can do anythinh
Zidane HD
Zidane HD 8 månader sedan
I alway thought he said "fake gonorrea" and "my forehead getting bigger than the alphabet"
Sameer Muhammed
Sameer Muhammed 8 månader sedan
This is the type of song to be on jd
Yoobums_ankles1234 Tiktok acc
Petition for jj and pokimane to start dating
Ghostraddical1 8 månader sedan
This would be perfect for fast and furious
Salma 8 månader sedan
He always has to sing with someone because he knows he’s trash :)
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 8 månader sedan
MK GAMES 8 månader sedan
My man got an a Lamborghini from Jail brake in Roblox
Sonson Dela
Sonson Dela 8 månader sedan
rota the bota
rota the bota 8 månader sedan
Babatunde has enterted the chat
Mamadou Diallo
Mamadou Diallo 8 månader sedan
Petition to put this on the next Fifa.
Stone Omonga
Stone Omonga 8 månader sedan
Wait Babutunde is Jamaican????? (Illuminati Music comes in)
BlueSpikedPine 8 månader sedan
This could be on a fast and furious movie I swear bro
Help Me69
Help Me69 8 månader sedan
Before this song was made ksi be like “let me take my holy water”
Nash 8 månader sedan
JJ making all these music but still hasn't activated windows ???
wave Ω
wave Ω 8 månader sedan
This song hits hard
Mr.otaku23 8 månader sedan
Ok this shit slaps
The Greeny Melon
The Greeny Melon 8 månader sedan
What does the line “my fourth letter getting bigger in the alphabet” mean?
MidgetPencil 8 månader sedan
Probs the best song ksi has made ngl
EllieInnit 8 månader sedan
When Ethan gives Tunde watah
Es0 SL4PPY 8 månader sedan
Jheeezzz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Entrepreneur Journey
Entrepreneur Journey 8 månader sedan
Oh Na Na... this is a fuckin 🔥 tune!
Jay Yaso
Jay Yaso 8 månader sedan
This song is perfect for my girlfriend 😍😍❤❤
Plasma 659
Plasma 659 8 månader sedan
my favourite part was the chorus
Reacting to Houdini Tiktoks
Ending it all
visningar 16mn
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