Nathan Dawe x KSI - Lighter [Official Video] 

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Nathan Dawe x KSI - Lighter [Official Video]

Nathan Dawe x KSI's new single Lighter is out now:

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When you said it was over
I knew I’d fallen too deep
You made my world feel perfect
Then pulled it from under my feet

I cried for a minute
For a while I was trying to figure out what went wrong
Now I finally get it
And I see I don’t need you to be here I’m moving on

I used to think I couldn’t be without you, be without you
Now that you’re gone I feel happy as hell
Weight off of me I can breathe without you, breathe without you
Now that you’re gone I feel lighter

I’m feeling so good like a fat man with a peng ting
Feeling so high like a black Yao Ming
Call me Godzilla ‘cause I got a big part
Went through war got a purple heart
Needed my space, time, recovery
Now man’s ace, quick summary
New Discovery, losing that weight
Post of the gram cos I’m just bait
I’m way too slick with it, John Wick with it
I’ve taken bare shots in a quick minute
More drinks with it, bare sick with it
Still end up in a bed with a chick in it
VVS1 with my chain buss down
Been through a lot now man’s got a crown
KSI, verified, stay scheming, self-believing you know I

I used to think I couldn’t be without you, be without you
Now that you’re gone I feel happy as hell
Weight off of me I can breathe without you, breathe without you
Now that you’re gone I feel lighter

I cried for a minute
For a while I was trying to figure out what went wrong
Now I finally get it
And I see I don’t need you to be here, I’m moving on

I used to think I couldn’t be without you, be without you
Now that you’re gone I feel happy as hell
Weight off of me I can breathe without you, breathe without you
Now that you’re gone I feel lighter
Directed By Troy Roscoe: troyroscoe_?hl=en
Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com
#Lighter #NathanDawe #KSI


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24 jul 2020



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Neo tha hamster
Neo tha hamster 2 timmar sedan
Can’t wait for his new album
VihaanOP 20 timmar sedan
Mahn that guy jj olatunji can never be like ksi, he on a different level
Morpheus 20 timmar sedan
And Ricegum said he’s better 🤣
Lt. Boonie
Lt. Boonie Dag sedan
y'all dumb
Trin Bxh
Trin Bxh Dag sedan
Your not a ksi fan if you dont know the lyrics
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes Dag sedan
The pinch of good old JJ at the end makes it even better 🤣👍🏼🎵
Quintin Aparente
I'm here after JJ said he forgot his own lyric's
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Dag sedan
This will always be my favorite
Demo Smittty
Demo Smittty Dag sedan
Mini Ram
Mini Ram Dag sedan
Jake Paul > 💩
sultan wibisono
sultan wibisono Dag sedan
Hahahaha u can stay salty while ksi makes bangers
Bezzi Dag sedan
This song is so nostalgic already
Mariella Kay
Mariella Kay Dag sedan
This is actually sickkkk
Zumba HD
Zumba HD Dag sedan
Nel traffico schiaccio SPORT, SPORT, SPORT!
Sashidaren Prabu
Sashidaren Prabu 2 dagar sedan
Who's here after JJ forgot his own lyrics and said "I feelin so fat like a fat man with a fat ting"?
GeneralKentucky GK
GeneralKentucky GK 2 dagar sedan
JJ would have gotten the girl if he’d said I’m KSI
Dominic O'Sullivan
Dominic O'Sullivan 17 timmar sedan
/ WP \ WonderPenguin
/ WP \ WonderPenguin 2 dagar sedan
This is on the radio way too much, but I love it!
Fe4RLess and Juice WRLD No.1
Ksi: I can beat you at any sport Proceeds to get training for basketball
Motlatsi Shale
Motlatsi Shale 3 dagar sedan
1.25 speed 🔥🔥
Melissa Marie
Melissa Marie 3 dagar sedan
This song is straight fire 🔥🔥🔥
Mohammad Sharafeldin
Mohammad Sharafeldin 3 dagar sedan
who's here after JJ doesn't remember his own lyrics lol.
akasya gedik
akasya gedik 4 dagar sedan
I like this part 1:43
James Grant
James Grant 4 dagar sedan
"Feeling like so fat like a fat man with a fat thing"-KSI 2021
- ND -
- ND - 3 dagar sedan
Story Thorn
Story Thorn 4 dagar sedan
Hiw he looks 3:01 KSI: imma shoot this hoop dead Me: deosnt he look like a baby?
sonya stewart
sonya stewart 4 dagar sedan
Josiah .j
Josiah .j 5 dagar sedan
Feel so fat like a fat man with a fat ting
Sell Out
Sell Out 5 dagar sedan
This song was released a day after I flew on holiday and this was basically my theme song for those 2 weeks
mEmEs f0r EvErY0n e
mEmEs f0r EvErY0n e 5 dagar sedan
Hey Guys A Tip View It in 0:75x It sounds Different
Josiah .j
Josiah .j 5 dagar sedan
Every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes
Raihan Yusuf
Raihan Yusuf 5 dagar sedan
Nobody: Lord ksi: "I am feeling so fat like a fat man with a fat thing".
Lorenz Von Sumondong
Lorenz Von Sumondong 3 timmar sedan
@Albert Choga he said fat man with a fat thing dude in a part of a video
Dakoda Hill
Dakoda Hill 2 dagar sedan
@Albert Choga someone obviously doesn’t watch JJ’s videos
sultan wibisono
sultan wibisono 2 dagar sedan
@Albert Choga he said that lyric in his reddit video
Albert Choga
Albert Choga 2 dagar sedan
He said peng ting not "fat thing" lol
Johnny Sins
Johnny Sins 5 dagar sedan
When u order Michael Jordan from wish
Manny Yea ight
Manny Yea ight 5 dagar sedan
This sounds like a adidas store song
Building cool Stuff
Building cool Stuff 5 dagar sedan
Who's singing. It's trash
Abdoul 5 dagar sedan
Damn he forgot his own lyrics Knowledge
ClariS. 5 dagar sedan
2:09 i like ur powerpoint transition
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 6 dagar sedan
Anyone noticed this songs about face masks
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 3 dagar sedan
Have a listen
Plus Repair
Plus Repair 6 dagar sedan
Rez1k 6 dagar sedan
1:45 “I’m feeling so fat like a fat man with a fat ting.” - Lord KSI
Haneef Aqliansyah
Haneef Aqliansyah 3 timmar sedan
@Mr. Cheese watch his reddit videos
Bryan Arthurico
Bryan Arthurico Dag sedan
@Mr. Cheese uncultured.
Mr. Cheese
Mr. Cheese Dag sedan
He said “pengting”
Rheza Cuasay
Rheza Cuasay 6 dagar sedan
Who else is here from jjs news video
ALHashmi 2006
ALHashmi 2006 6 dagar sedan
POV: ur hear to check the lyrics after ksi’s latest video
Jayden 6 dagar sedan
Who’s here after jj forgot his lyrics
casey mae
casey mae 4 dagar sedan
me lmao x
Brix 6 dagar sedan
He souldve just said he was KSI that would’ve got her
Samuel Cordova
Samuel Cordova 6 dagar sedan
feeling so fat like a fat man with a fat ting. barz.
Jdk Kndndk
Jdk Kndndk 6 dagar sedan
How is her from jj’s vidio
C86Deluxe 6 dagar sedan
Love the spelling mate where can I learn such good grammar as you
mayhemlolz 6 dagar sedan
Who else here cuz JJ forgot his lyrics?
Azariah 6 dagar sedan
we all know jj's coming back to look at this video to remember his own lyrics
Ting Tsai
Ting Tsai 6 dagar sedan
Who is the girl singing throughout the video? And why isnt she in the title?
Sana Mustaan
Sana Mustaan 7 dagar sedan
3:19 that aint ksi
Jake Kilgour
Jake Kilgour 7 dagar sedan
Since when does KSI make bangaz 🔥🔥🔥
Jailine Reyes
Jailine Reyes 7 dagar sedan
Jj and ksi the same person -_-
C86Deluxe 6 dagar sedan
No they aren’t what are you on
This-World-Is-Mad 7 dagar sedan
KSI gangster wannabe that doesn't know what a breadbin is
Jack Papenburg
Jack Papenburg 8 dagar sedan
its so sick jj does this and the bst jokes vids on the sidemen defs my favourite ever the whole sidemen jj music all of it so awsome!
OverLord 8 dagar sedan
JJ didn’t tell the girl,”I am KSI
grape fruit
grape fruit 8 dagar sedan
Tyler Taiwo
Tyler Taiwo 8 dagar sedan
Best song ever
Scarlett Barber
Scarlett Barber 8 dagar sedan
This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you
Jack 9 dagar sedan
literally sounds like a gym song
TechStudioShorts 9 dagar sedan
KSI = 🔥🔥
Adarsh Bobbili
Adarsh Bobbili 9 dagar sedan
Bro thnx for making this song helps me in moving on from my ex
Rafael Jarrin
Rafael Jarrin 9 dagar sedan
New rocket league song
celticfclad1 9 dagar sedan
Absolutely no need for a rap in this song
John Clifford
John Clifford 9 dagar sedan
Joel Kallarakal
Joel Kallarakal 10 dagar sedan
watch 3:42 in 2 times playback speed. lmaooo!
Luca Sutton
Luca Sutton 10 dagar sedan
So Bieber has 3.4 billion views in one of his songs, but this magic aint even got 20 mill🤔🥴
Moss Homran
Moss Homran 12 dagar sedan
amazing song
SHmitStain 12 dagar sedan
POV: this was inspired by swish swish by Katy perry
Flint Harris
Flint Harris 12 dagar sedan
what you mean Logan this is 🥵 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kopisan Jothymanohar
Kopisan Jothymanohar 12 dagar sedan
lol this sounds liike a funfair ride music
Denise Fields
Denise Fields 13 dagar sedan
Lighter. Nathàñ. Dwan
Logan Jones.
Logan Jones. 13 dagar sedan
Personally didn’t like the music video but I loved the song
e7och 13 dagar sedan
Who’s here in 2021 feels like this was yesterday
Arian A
Arian A 13 dagar sedan
Big banger
Arian A
Arian A 13 dagar sedan
Mans a legend
LSK 13 dagar sedan
And also to the 30,000 people that disliked the music video, why.🤔
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman 5 dagar sedan
Jake paul fans
LSK 13 dagar sedan
It’s funny when Logan compliments JJ Jake has to say something negative and can’t take the fact that JJ is just better than him
John Clifford
John Clifford 14 dagar sedan
Agfufbdksrahrividgdl vmxgxixrxkrxk fckxzmztsjzrsiwyeieoerd
SerifoSanha Sanha
SerifoSanha Sanha 15 dagar sedan
Arthur3 bem como
Jack Solomon
Jack Solomon 15 dagar sedan
Imagine hearing this at a funeral💀
snabs v
snabs v 6 dagar sedan
this comment makes no sense💀💀
Jack Solomon
Jack Solomon 14 dagar sedan
@Edward Harrison can you read
Jack Solomon
Jack Solomon 14 dagar sedan
@Edward Harrison I dont hate him tf
Edward Harrison
Edward Harrison 14 dagar sedan
Someone hates Jj
Chill SageVibes
Chill SageVibes 15 dagar sedan
kaos mommu09
kaos mommu09 15 dagar sedan
JD are still rinsing this song
CookiesForBreakfast 15 dagar sedan
Should have got some professional athletes for the video. Wtf is this shit.
snabs v
snabs v 6 dagar sedan
its meant to be funny calm tf down.......
Noufel zzstu Bukhari
Noufel zzstu Bukhari 15 dagar sedan
KSI: Starts a challenge with for who gets more views for their music video Jake Paul: Wins KSI: Let me find some excuses.... Jake didn't write it, check his spotify listeners!!!!!
Salah Eddine Chikh
Salah Eddine Chikh 14 dagar sedan
דניאל סבח
דניאל סבח 15 dagar sedan
Thats fire
Ojay Mangion Pace
Ojay Mangion Pace 16 dagar sedan
KSI when he gets dumped bt Anne Marie:
sultan wibisono
sultan wibisono Dag sedan
Considering how much of a pair those two are i don't think he will get dumped
Qasım İmambeyli
Qasım İmambeyli 16 dagar sedan
:)🐾!!!so good...
Khodor Hachem
Khodor Hachem 16 dagar sedan
Just got back, it's still fire
VIPdeTALL 16 dagar sedan
If you ever feel stupid, remember, the Paul's have a subscribe button
Ruby Fuller
Ruby Fuller 16 dagar sedan
I love this song U go ksi ❤️❤️
Megan Hughes
Megan Hughes 16 dagar sedan
Yo this was released on ma bday I didnt even realise.
Josh Vlogs
Josh Vlogs 15 dagar sedan
Same but i knew it was released on my 18th birthday before it came out
Granga Dang
Granga Dang 16 dagar sedan
Dont play games, Don't play games with my heart ❤️
Isaac Cornett
Isaac Cornett 17 dagar sedan
Zaith NS
Zaith NS 17 dagar sedan
This flamess
Farhaan Soobra
Farhaan Soobra 17 dagar sedan
Bro that lit 💯👌🔥🔥
Enjoy Gaming
Enjoy Gaming 18 dagar sedan
tell me shawty in the vid is who's singing...
tumblr_XD 18 dagar sedan
Lol i heard this on the radio
Ty King
Ty King 18 dagar sedan
Does anybody know when fifa 21 coming out?
Ty King
Ty King 18 dagar sedan
Who's glad ksi kicked Logan's ass
MEMEBIRD 18 dagar sedan
Who just came back to watch this vid after KSI forgot the lyrics to this song in the Sidemen Guess the Fake couple
Denny Lesmana
Denny Lesmana 19 dagar sedan
Tj Wood
Tj Wood 19 dagar sedan
Luke Bartek
Luke Bartek 19 dagar sedan
I was here.
Abel Aby
Abel Aby 19 dagar sedan
JJ would probably had to use a chair in real life just to slam duck 🤣🤣🤣
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