What Jake And Logan Paul Could Never Do... 

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14 feb 2020



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Ryan Gordon
Ryan Gordon 9 timmar sedan
They all 10 year old neeks in the crowd 😂😂
gamingYT jasper
gamingYT jasper 5 dagar sedan
Logang bro
gamingYT jasper
gamingYT jasper 5 dagar sedan
logang bro
Syed Ali
Syed Ali 6 dagar sedan
shoulda just said the n word
Red Tec
Red Tec 7 dagar sedan
It don’t feel like a year already
alan dolan
alan dolan 9 dagar sedan
Dis vid is sick
goldenayarn 10 dagar sedan
imagine if the crowd started screaming baldski lmao
J Jay
J Jay 10 dagar sedan
fam i'd acc do anything to get a song with him btw ahahahahaha
krazy k
krazy k 18 dagar sedan
Oh no. Why did no one in that first crowd look like they were above 18
krazy k
krazy k 11 dagar sedan
@Memes Is my shite they really aren't 16 at most
Memes Is my shite
Memes Is my shite 11 dagar sedan
I mean they are
Light 23 dagar sedan
I had a dream about this then the next day I watched it and the exact same things
Ava Rae
Ava Rae 25 dagar sedan
JJ your an absolute king don’t forget that 🙏🏼
NH21IQ 26 dagar sedan
Why is this in my recommended
Sirkky 26 dagar sedan
probably one of the best vlogs KSI has done to this day.
Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan 27 dagar sedan
Jake and Logan can't come to England and say England is my city :)
Farhan Sadiq Bhuiyan
Farhan Sadiq Bhuiyan 28 dagar sedan
sick editing damn
SandyXBD 29 dagar sedan
No one talking about 2:35? 😳
udayye Månad sedan
Sam Hagopian
Sam Hagopian Månad sedan
My dream is to meet jj but that won’t happen if he doesn’t perform in Toronto
mcboy 124
mcboy 124 Månad sedan
the only person to replace Randolph is sx
Moritz Siegers
Moritz Siegers Månad sedan
Can we just talk about how many girls where in the front rows
mr kiwiz
mr kiwiz Månad sedan
next time he goes for tour he has to do hyper
JB - 09ZZ 819319 Stephen Lewis SS
The only thing Jake and Logan Can actually do 4:55
SmelkyMonkey69 Månad sedan
I just want to say, I think that that hairstyle is by FAR the best hairstyle he's had...
Paul Zamora
Paul Zamora Månad sedan
14:30 man should've choose the 200$
Mads Sørensen
Mads Sørensen Månad sedan
the edits omg
The real
The real Månad sedan
Jake and Logan could never make good content because there Chanel is dead
Vladimir Datay
Vladimir Datay Månad sedan
Anyone know what brand of iem’s he’s using?
FC ElhagPlayz
FC ElhagPlayz Månad sedan
Simple : they could never be good people
Drew Himmelberger
Drew Himmelberger Månad sedan
Just watching this, makes me so proud of how far he's come
Jesse Månad sedan
Not sure who edited this, but you killed it
raghav Månad sedan
description 😌
Moocel Månad sedan
MZS Månad sedan
Bro look when it was uploaded
Joseph Furniss
Joseph Furniss Månad sedan
I bet this guy who took the park life tickets is hating his life right now 🤣
FroddeB Månad sedan
4:19 that kids dad is literally conor mcgregor
Dhrishit Shahi
Dhrishit Shahi Månad sedan
JJs laugh in the practice round in the first 2 minutes actually went with the flow of the rap he was singing.
The Tyler's mad house Tyler
What jake and logan paul never do: Me: win a boxing match 😂
good heavens
good heavens Månad sedan
This was the last time JJ would upload an actual video with some entertainment quality
Piggly Wiggly
Piggly Wiggly Månad sedan
Bro I was in this event I'm in the first row I flew out from USA big fan since 2013 I finally got to meet him in person
sebas Månad sedan
sickest vid ever.
ifureadmynameugeta cookie
Read this well
Ragav .R
Ragav .R Månad sedan
It's all good but mentioning Jake's name is not that impressive as he's already a dumb shit
daniminimo 2 månader sedan
JJ: Jake and Logan can’t do this Also JJ: 2:25
Darkness Dark
Darkness Dark 2 månader sedan
I want ksi tko jake
Wassef Zaid
Wassef Zaid Månad sedan
Who doesn't?
Yofruit 2 månader sedan
come a long way
Marco John Wuol
Marco John Wuol 2 månader sedan
The cuter did not sleep a week
Tommy Chunchukov
Tommy Chunchukov 2 månader sedan
The guy with the park life tickets like 👁👄👁
AutoDefence 2 månader sedan
Who thinks he looks like Juice WRLD??? R.I.P Juice...
“I’ll destroy the Pauls myself y’all” Remember this quote when he destroys the Pauls
Durty Dex
Durty Dex 2 månader sedan
What’s the name of both song Jme perform?
TireBack 2 månader sedan
Pull up
Jeffrey Laloo
Jeffrey Laloo 2 månader sedan
Don't continue reading... You little rebel, I like you. 🤭
Jenil Mudali
Jenil Mudali 2 månader sedan
What a fucking GOAT
Jasmin Agic
Jasmin Agic 2 månader sedan
U look like juice wrld in the thumbnail
Christian Flores
Christian Flores 2 månader sedan
Oh shit for reals
Tayyab’s legit Lit times
The intro!!
Thenew Man
Thenew Man 2 månader sedan
You need to watch logan Paul dubai tour and jakes concert
Big Behz Cr1tic
Big Behz Cr1tic 2 månader sedan
Ghoulz 2 månader sedan
The editing is mad...
Hook Flix67
Hook Flix67 2 månader sedan
Is that Niall Ryan from thebreadbatch
TireBack 2 månader sedan
Little SNICKER 3 månader sedan
Someone should make a remix of all the fuck Jake Paul's in this video
Dizer Done
Dizer Done 3 månader sedan
2:03 this lowkey goes hard
Syn 3 månader sedan
literal chills
Declan O'Sullivan
Declan O'Sullivan 3 månader sedan
The editing on this video is insane
シScilyz 3 månader sedan
I thought the thumbnail was a juice wrld concert rip tho
Big Behz Cr1tic
Big Behz Cr1tic 2 månader sedan
I thought the same too lol
Toby.pr08 -_-
Toby.pr08 -_- 3 månader sedan
I want to see ksi and Travis Scott on the same song
Youtube Boxing Central
Youtube Boxing Central 3 månader sedan
my mans wishing he took that 200 pounds now
Dookhdy Spirhan
Dookhdy Spirhan 3 månader sedan
All the dislikes are angry 7 year olds from jake Paul
Lil uzi vert
Lil uzi vert 3 månader sedan
00:09 we don’t need no editing for that
TB Rides
TB Rides 3 månader sedan
Samuel Stanik
Samuel Stanik 3 månader sedan
i am so fucking gassed even i was no there jeeeez
Wanja Carrez
Wanja Carrez 3 månader sedan
6:23 beat goes hard
ZST Philipparas
ZST Philipparas 3 månader sedan
What Jake And Logan Paul Could Never Do........ be black
PF Curry
PF Curry 3 månader sedan
Which one of them white kids said nigga -_-
Tinashe Efraim Manamike
Tinashe Efraim Manamike 3 månader sedan
Memories 🥺🥺
Akash Gode
Akash Gode 3 månader sedan
Why tf is this the title
Akash Gode
Akash Gode 28 dagar sedan
@Ryder it's not just abt the money...its the name hes fighting against...its a big win in that case...chill not everything ksi has done is good...I'm a ksi fan btw and I'm still saying this
Ryder 28 dagar sedan
@Akash Gode hes making 500k from it whereas floyd is making 5mil from the fight how is that a win for him? even there fight isnt hyped bc we know whats gonna happen?
Akash Gode
Akash Gode 29 dagar sedan
@Ryder yeah but fighting floyd itself is a win
Ryder 29 dagar sedan
@Akash Gode lmao so ur a Logan Paul kid? Well let’s see where Logan is when floyd knocks him out lmao
Akash Gode
Akash Gode 29 dagar sedan
@Ryder idgaf abt jake but there was no need to compare himself to logan like that...and now Logans fighting floyd and ksi is nowhere
Nicolo 3 månader sedan
Whats the filter he is using now?
Brandon Rowden
Brandon Rowden 3 månader sedan
This shit gave me goosebumps bro
Rafael Jarrin
Rafael Jarrin 3 månader sedan
Its only kids XDD
Quadzx 2 månader sedan
Not really lol
Optic 3 månader sedan
Who else recognized he changed the title?
t25hrs 3 månader sedan
Jesus he's come far since then my man has worked with so many people Nathan dawe and Craig David respect ohh and SX we can't forget about SX he would go mad🤣🤣🤣
Idioy Johnathon
Idioy Johnathon 2 månader sedan
SKODABOSS06 3 månader sedan
You know is Ireland when u see the fake tan
zDxcky 3 månader sedan
never been so sad not to live in the UK
SHAHED SHAMSUDDIN 3 månader sedan
Routine Victory
Routine Victory 3 månader sedan
His last actual vid on this channel
Qubey 3 månader sedan
I personally still think the challenger games was better. Who agrees? (Only jokes fuck the Pauls)
Curious 3 månader sedan
honestly if the video was just 20 mins of the word WIN on the screen the title would still fit
ali almanea
ali almanea 3 månader sedan
You mean Jake and Logan can't do the tour or the editing. I think you mean both.
SWE 3 månader sedan
This is the guy who used to play scary games in his parents house with his little brother. This is the guy who used to freak out if he gets a good player in fifa. THIS IS THE GUY WHO BEAT LOGAN PAUL. What a journey JJ we all love you ❤️💯
Naeem Parmar
Naeem Parmar 3 månader sedan
2:39 KSI wasted wohta Babatunde: am I a joke to you
TJ's dumb crap
TJ's dumb crap 3 månader sedan
Title: what Jake and Logan couldn't do me: win
your ordinary guy
your ordinary guy 3 månader sedan
*"u CoUlDnT sElL aN aReNa In YoUr OwN cOuNtRy"* -logan paul( loser)
Punish Gaming
Punish Gaming 3 månader sedan
this came out literally a day after my son was born
gein 3 månader sedan
Sam: w h a t ? *Headbutts Jake Paul like a king* 1:27
GIOVANNIE Potter 3 månader sedan
These edits are insane
AndrewATD 3 månader sedan
Shame that those festivals never happened in the end :(
Siôn Duggan
Siôn Duggan 3 månader sedan
Who else coming back to look at when he had good hair
John Palaguachi
John Palaguachi 4 månader sedan
V-Crxptix 4 månader sedan
Logan: He over trained KSI: cheeseburger with extra bacon, chicken wrap, give me some some fries, oh wait give me another cheeseburger
Big Behz Cr1tic
Big Behz Cr1tic 2 månader sedan
I’ll have two 9s 9 large 6 with extra *DIP* 7 Two 45s (One with cheese) And a large soda
Maxx __
Maxx __ 4 månader sedan
I’m going to JJ’s Dissimulation Tour with my mum next year and I’m nervous af cuz she thinks that’s JJ’s a Christian rapper
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer 4 månader sedan
Maxx __ oh no i feel so bad cus if i was with my mum she wouldve asked me to leave
Maxx __
Maxx __ 4 månader sedan
@Carl Wheezer no, she thinks that JJ will be singing clean nice songs. Not songs like Poppin lol
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer 4 månader sedan
Does your mum not like christians?
Suppp 4 månader sedan
I’m from future and Logan passed you in subs
Red Bird
Red Bird 4 månader sedan
Funniest moments 1:01
Emilio Quiogue
Emilio Quiogue 4 månader sedan
Who’s here after Behz’s documentary and Vik’s plaque collection admiring what the Sidemen have achieved?
Mystery_ Current
Mystery_ Current 4 månader sedan
Deji: loses Gib: loses Ksi:I’ll destroy the pual myself yall
Joao Mbala
Joao Mbala 8 dagar sedan
That was the initial plan anyways, he was just being a nice person by giving his ppl the opportunity to do it. But they’re let downs. No offence
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